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Professional Accountants Port Talbot

Based in the city of Swansea, Tim Taylor & Co are expert and professional accountants near Port Talbot. We deliver the full range of accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses across South Wales, supporting anyone from start-up level to SME and corporate. We provide a flexible service that is based entirely on your needs, so whether you need assistance with tax compliance and planning, VAT planning, payroll, business management or secretarial duties, we can tailor our services to suit you.

Service built on client relationships

Tim Taylor & Co is committed to delivering excellent customer service and building client relationships. We have worked alongside businesses to help them grow from start-ups to successful SME’s using our experience in business planning, finance and managements support. We will ensure that you never have to pay more tax than is required, so that you have more money to reinvest in your business.

Accountants in Port Talbot with experience across a wide range of sectors

As professional accountants near Port Talbot, we support companies all over South Wales with their accounting needs. This has enabled us to gain experience within a wide range of industries – from design agencies, to medical professionals and even manufacturing companies. Whatever sector you work in, it is important to us to learn your business and your requirements so that we can provide the best service possible. If you are looking for professional accountants near Port Talbot, please get in touch.

For professional accountants in Port Talbot, please get in touch

If you’re looking for experienced accountants near Port Talbot, Tim Taylor & Co are just a short distance away in Swansea. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you manage your personal finances more effectively.

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