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Benefits of a Xero Financial Report

Reporting helps you understand your business; with the right analysis, your financial data means you can make informed decisions based on your company’s past performance, and more easily discuss progress with others.

For small business owners already pressed for time, Xero offers a simple to use, detailed, and customisable reporting system, so that you can create meaningful financial reports in no time. Here are some of the ways you could benefit from using a Xero financial report.


Real-time data

Xero syncs all your financial data automatically to give you real-time, accurate information. This means that whenever you check in on your data, you can find up-to-date reports and cash flow information in your online dashboard, and all your decisions will be made in line with the real performance of your business.

Customise your reports

You can customise your reports to show exactly which metrics which matter to you. Whether a particular KPI is vital to your investors, or you want to keep an eye on how a certain investment is doing, you can highlight that information easily. You can also set date ranges, organise your reports with drag and drop and add categories to simplify how you view the different areas of your business’ performance.

Collaborate with advisors

Xero’s cloud-based platform allows you to access your financial data on the go, with a handy mobile app. Real-time data means you can collaborate with colleagues, advisors, or your accountant. With simple to use permission levels, you can allow secure access to the people who need it.


We have seen first-hand how Xero has revolutionised small business accounting. Xero has allowed our clients to better understand their financial data and allows both sides (both business owner and accountant) access to the most accurate information.

Tim Taylor & Co. are Gold Partners with Xero, meaning we have lots of experience in utilising the platform. We know how to get the best out of Xero for what matters to your business. To get in touch with us and see how we can help you benefit from Xero, click here.